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Here’s what we’ve curated for you:


We know you’re probably busy learning all about building plans, analyzing investments, and mastering software…
but we’ve also learned these things aren’t enough to land a job.


Hard Hitting Curriculum

After having 100's of conversations with new or soon to be Financial Planners, we've compiled the questions, experiences, and ultimately the biggest worries while starting a career as a Financial Planner.

While we love answering questions, we've gone the extra mile to create reflection exercises to help you formulate the best game plan for your specific situation, and share wisdom when we can.

At the end of the day, the curriculum is designed to make you think! There are no silver bullet answers! But we have heard the material has helped those who've completed it figure out "what's next".

Tools and Resources

We wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the countless resources (people, podcasts, research) we had access too. We've compiled some of our favorites, and made them easy for you to use on your own.

You'd be surprised, but the majority of the information you need to learn about a firm or Financial Planner is actually public. We'll walk you through how to make the most of this, and save yourself time and energy.

Last but certainly not least, we want to be a resource to you! If there's anything we can add, find, or clarify, never hesitate to say hello!

Advisor Feedback

It's not just what we think or what we did! We've had conversations and received input from REAL FINANCIAL PLANNERS we've connected with throughout our careers. They wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you, too.

Hear their stories of what it was like when they started out their career, what to watch for in early jobs, what they would have done differently, and what you'll want to think about when getting started.

A good number of these stories come from Financial Planners who own their own firms, too. They also share what they look for when thinking about hiring someone just like you.

Meet Jared Machen, CFP®

Jared has had the pleasure of spending his entire professional career working with RIA Firms. He’s worked as a W-2 Employee, 1099 Contractor as a Paraplanner, and now co-owns a firm.

While Financial Planning is his first love, he is equally interested in everything else that goes into running a small firm. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Partner at Brownlee Wealth Management.

Meet Matt Fizell, CFP®

After starting his career in the Broker-Dealer world, Matt worked for several smaller Fee-Only Financial Planning firms before ultimately starting his own firm, Harmony Wealth, in 2021.

While his first role was mainly a sales job, he has served both virtually and in-person as a Paraplanner, and now runs his own firm where he serves Medical Professionals (Nurses, Physicians, etc.) and Small Business Owners.

We’ve presented to and worked with organizations such as…


Here’s how the material we’ve curated will help you launch your career:


Getting your first job in the profession is as simple (and we’ll do our best to make it easy) as…



As they say, knowing what you're up against is half the battle.

We're here to work alongside you as you enter the Financial Planning profession. We'll share with you some of the inside tips, tricks, and rules of how to navigate various sizes of firms, compensation models, and work environments.

As an added bonus, we have some reflection exercises for you to take the information and develop your own understanding of what you hope to find in your early career as a Financial Planner.


Set your sights on your "next best step".

In this phase of our course, we'll cover everything from researching firms and how they serve their clients, to networking, and most importantly... helping you demonstrate your value to a firm even with little to no experience.

Everyone starts somewhere! We even went so far as to gather real-life stories from Financial Planners who started right where you are. While we couldn't include everyone, we know their stories are common in this profession.


Put it all together, and hit GO!

Once you understand what's all out there in the world of Financial Planning and where you want to take your first steps in your career, it's time to figure out where to make those dreams become a reality.

You'll learn where to find roles and how to get your foot in the door. Whether it's a cold email or formally applying to a job with a resume, we'll break down best practices and even share samples with our feedback.


Here's exactly what you'll see in the course!

(Scroll to see how you'll find your fit!)


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Question: Is this for college graduate or career changers?

Answer: We've heard from those who have completed the course, it can be valuable for both! Whether you're finishing up the final years of college, just graduated, or are thinking about making a career change into Financial Planning, this course will help you find your fit as you enter the profession.
Question: I am already in the Financial Planning profession; should I still take the course?

Answer: It depends. Initially we've designed the course to serve those with 0-5 years of experience, or those who haven't found their fit in a firm quite yet. We've heard feedback that even for those who are thinking about making a big leap (like from a first job that has lasted quite a few years, and now are looking at an entire new area of the profession) it still has value beyond those first 5 years of their career. We also believe many of the exercises in the course are those you can revisit as you progress through your career. There may be less "new information" as you gain experience, but the exercises are still applicable regardless of how long you've been working.
Question: Is your course available for use at my University or College?

Answer: Yes! We've currently been piloting our course at Michigan State University, and are in the process of getting it implemented at other University and CFP® Programs. If you're a student or academic faculty, we'd love to talk to you and connect. All inquiries for getting our material implemented into an academic curriculum can be made to for more information.
Question: Is Compounding Careers eligible for CFP® Continuing Education credit?

Answer: At this time, it is not eligible for credits toward any continuing education. We are in the process of exploring what needs to be done to make it eligible. Stay tuned!
Question: Are there discounts available for groups or organizations?

Answer: We're currently in the process of figuring out how to make our discount program as inclusive as possible. We realize not everyone is as fortunate or has the opportunity to attend a large-scale institution, conference, or work for a large institution. We don't want to make it harder for those with less opportunity or resources to obtain our course than those with abundant resources and opportunity. With that being said, we believe there is plenty of value in the material at its current price.
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